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Victory Baptist School of Ministry is founded on the principle that the equipping of capable ministers and laymen alike has been tasked to the local church and its spiritual leaders. While we do not discredit a college education, we do believe that any man or woman who desires to prepare for appropriate ministry or to further his or her bible education should be able to realize that in a local church setting. We sincerely desire to train men and women to serve Jesus Christ through their local church, and to provide a deeper understanding of the word of God.

Academic Calendar

FALL 2023

September 7

September 26

November 23

December 21

Semester Begins

Classes moved to Tuesday for Mission Conference week

Thanksgiving Break

Fall Semester Ends

Semester Begins

Bible Conference Break

Semester Ends


January 25

April 11

May 21

Schedule of Classes

Fall 2022

Understanding OT Judaism 1
Life of Christ 1
Systematic Theology 1

Fall 2023

Dispensational Studies
Church History 1
Baptist Distinctives
Systematic Theology 3

Fall 2024

Revelation 1
Acts 1
Pastoral Practicum

Spring 2023

Understanding OT Judaism 2
Life of Christ 2
Systematic Theology 2

Spring 2024

Manuscript Evidence
Church History 2
Pastoral Epistles
Systematic Theology 4

Spring 2025

Revelation 2
Personal Evangelism
Acts 2
Pastoral Practicum

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